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Alaskans hold a rich history of growth and development.  We showed wisdom and perseverance through Ancient times. We showed strength during Gold Rush times, and honed our skills and infrastructure with the building of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. Now we are poised for the innovative projects of today.

At Alaska Business Development Associates (ABDA) we specialize in key and emerging business sectors noted to thrive in Northern latitudes. 

Both start up businesses and established companies can benefit from our common sense approach to business development.  Call on our team to create the ideal management solution, campaign, image or promotion.  How may we help you?
ABDA is actively seeking new projects and partners.

Perhaps we can work together.

In addition to the companies under our umbrella, we also specialize in confidential management and marketing services for outside firms.

We bring to your table a strong history of National level development and management experience.

We can handle the needs of both start up companies and those with multimillion dollar budgets.

We are moving Forward

Tell us what you need, and let us go to work for you. Starting something new? Revitalizing an existing business? Maybe you could use another pair of eyes on your venture.

Is your goal to increase sales? Perhaps you seek some new contacts? Would you like to know exactly what happens to your operation when you are out of the office?

Get an edge by teaming up with us.  We are available to assist. Let us take a critical path analysis approach to your goals, and solidify your position.
  • Professional services for business owners:
    • Confidential business review of your operation
    • Undercover company management review
    • A new business plan
    • A new marketing plan
    • A new development plan
    • Employee effectiveness analysis
    • Training for your sales team
    • Brochures/Ads/Marketing materials
    • A new campaign
    • Website creation
    • Supply line review
    • Profitability analysis
    • Image development
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